Popcorn Planting


Choosing a site to plant

Choose a site in your garden away from trees. Next place the popcorn in a site that will not shade other vegetables and do not plant next to sweet corn because they can cross pollinate. If planting popcorn or sweet corn choose different planting dates to pollinate at different times.

Choosing popcorn seed

It is better to choose several popcorn varieties and plant side by side than just on long row this will enable you to choose the best varieties for your garden.

Planting popcorn

Plant popcorn popcorn just deep enough 1-2 inches to make good seed to soil contact. Plant seeds in the row 6 to 8 inches a part cover seed. 

Popcorn during the growing season

Popcorn is suceptible to insects and disease you need to scout your popcorn in your garden for these pests. Popcorn also reguires nitrogen and potassium for growth and ear development.

Harvesting your popcorn

Harvest popcorn only after the kernels are hard and the husks completely dry. After picking, remove the husks put ears in bags that will allow air flow. Each week shell a few kernels to see if they pop. If the kernel is very chewy and still to wet.

Popcorn popping

Popcorn that pops poorly with many unpopped kernels may be a sign of the popcorn being to dry and needs moisture. Add one tablespoon of water to a quart of popcorn mix well and then in 2-3 days try to pop again.